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Lakewood Maintenance Modifications Attorney

A court award of maintenance is based on information presented to the court concerning the parties’ differences in income and ability to provide for themselves. If a court has awarded you maintenance or alimony or has ordered you to pay maintenance and a substantial change in circumstances has happened that makes the award unfair, you may seek modification of the monthly payments.

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Establishing That You Are Entitled To A Modification Of Maintenance In Colorado

Usually, if a party waives maintenance or alimony, the waiver is permanent. However, if your spouse did not fully disclose finances or misrepresented finances, the court may consider modification. If you are able to establish that you waived maintenance based on fraud or misrepresentation, you may be entitled to seek maintenance post-decree.

In either situation, you need an experienced attorney to help you make sure you receive the funds you are entitled to or are not paying more than is fair under the circumstances. Our attorneys have over 50 years’ combined experience to help you navigate through a modification proceeding.

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