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Military Divorce And Family Law

Divorce and family law matters can be very painful. And they can be further complicated when one or both of the spouses are in the military.

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., we handle military family law cases all the time. We know the difference between a regular divorce and a military divorce, and we can usually make a difference in the outcome of your legal matter.

Protecting Your Children And Your Legal Rights

If you need help with a military family law matter our lawyers can help you figure out what is best for you and your kids. We can protect your legal rights and make sure you get answers to questions like:

  • Will I need to go to court for my divorce?
  • Can I get divorced if I am deployed or if my spouse is deployed?
  • What kind of child custody will I be awarded?
  • How much child support will I pay or receive?
  • What if a proposed parenting plan seems one-sided or is not accurate?
  • Should I be paying or receiving spousal maintenance (alimony)? How much is fair?
  • Will my spouse or ex-spouse receive some of my retirement benefits?
  • What will happen to my pension if I get divorced?

Military Divorce And The New Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act

Under a new Colorado statute, military parents are required make a parenting plan before they deploy. This plan determines where a child or children will live during the parent’s deployment and outlines what will happen when he or she returns. Our firm is well-versed in this new law, and we can explain how it pertains to you and your family. Regardless of what you are facing, we can help you address today’s issues and plan for future challenges.

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