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Lakewood Kinship Adoption Lawyers

Helping You Achieve Your Adoption

If you have been caring for someone else’s child, you may wish to adopt the child at some point. Colorado law provides avenues for adoption when there is already a significant relationship between the person seeking to adopt and the child. However, the adoption process is complicated and errors can prevent you from establishing a legally recognized parent-child relationship.

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., our attorneys have extensive experience in all types of adoptions, including adoptions by grandparents and other family members, stepparent adoptions and international adoptions. We provide legal services and representation designed to achieve adoptions in a timely and efficient manner. Pearson & Paris, P.C., charges reasonable fees for our work in this area.

To learn more about the adoption process and how we can assist you, contact Pearson & Paris, P.C.

The Kinship Adoption Process

Before an adoption can be finalized, a number of steps must be completed to the court’s satisfaction. Pearson & Paris, P.C., can provide assistance at each stage of the process, including the petition to terminate the parents’ parental rights if that is necessary.

  • First, the biological parents must consent to the adoption or their parental rights must be terminated by court order. In the latter situation, the court requires proof that the parent has abandoned the child emotionally or financially for at least one year prior to filing the adoption petition. A child over 12 years of age must consent to the adoption, as well.
  • The adoptive parents must provide background checks from both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The background checks must be completed no more than 90 days prior to filing a petition. A search must also be performed in Colorado’s child abuse registry, TRAILS.
  • The adoptive parents must demonstrate that the adoption is in the child’s best interest, and that they are able to provide for the child financially, educationally and emotionally.
  • In some cases, a home study report must be completed through social services. Our Arvada relative adoption attorneys can prepare you for this study.
  • Pearson & Paris, P.C., can prepare the adoption decree, order for termination, if appropriate, and other documents for the court to execute.

Our Lakewood kinship adoption attorneys will work diligently to complete all necessary steps so that your adoption can be finalized and you can once again focus on caring for your child.

Initial Consultation At Reduced Rates With A Family Lawyer

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