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Holiday blues: When your child doesn't come home

The reality for many people after a divorce is that they struggle. They may be depressed or anxious. They may be focused on getting back on their feet and trying to do their best.

Not having their children with them is hard enough, but when the holidays come around, that depression can deepen. The holiday blues are real, and they can impact your life significantly when you least expect it.

Holiday scheduling: Get your custody schedule right

The holidays are here, and it can be a difficult time of year for divorced parents. Custody arrangements may not always go as planned, which makes it harder to spend time with your children and to enjoy yourself.

When you make a custody schedule, it's important that you have every holiday, and how you want to handle it, marked down. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, add those to the list and discuss how you'll share time with your children on those days.

When you divorce, where do your pets go?

You and your spouse decided to get a divorce, but it wasn't as easy as splitting up some assets and moving on. You have children and pets to look after; these are responsibilities that you can't ignore.

One major question you have is how to determine where your pets go. Both parties want them, but you aren't sure what to do. Here's a little information that may help.

A prenuptial agreement: Legal or invalid?

You and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, but there's something that you had to remind them of: You signed a prenuptial agreement. Your agreement seemed fair at the time, but your spouse is now claiming that it wasn't fair and wants to back out of it.

This is a tricky situation. If the prenuptial agreement was created the right way, it will remain binding, but if not, then you could find yourself in a series of negotiations during divorce that you previously thought that you had planned for.

How can you set up a custody schedule? Try these tricks

Deciding on a child custody plan can be very difficult. When you and your spouse lived together, it was easier to take care of your child, because you had a single home as your base. One of you might not have had to work or only needed to work part-time to support the household.

When you get a divorce, everything changes. Instead of having one parent work part-time or stay home to take care of your child, you both may need to go to a full-time job.

The potential impact your divorce could have on your career

The average person who decides to file for divorce knows that their personal life and financial circumstances are probably about to change. What fewer people consider is that divorce can also impact their professional success in their careers.

While you may not think of the end of your marriage as having any relevance to your job, the reality is that the end of your marriage can profoundly impact upward mobility in any career path. Divorce can also lead to friction and changes in seemingly unrelated areas of your life, including your career.

When is it a good idea to seek an annulment?

There are times when a divorce is not the right way to end a marriage. Another option may be an annulment, particularly if your marriage should not be valid for some reason.

Divorces end legal marriages, while annulments end invalid marriages. If you're not sure which is right for you, then consider some of these facts to learn more.

Pets, children and custody: Keeping your kids happy

Going through a divorce is difficult, especially if you have children and pets. One of the hardest things to decide on will be how your children split their time between your homes. You may also need to decide who can take care of your pets and if they should be in the same home with your children.

With children and pets, custody is different. Children share time with each parent, in most cases. However, pets are treated more like assets. That's why you and your spouse may want to sit down and talk about setting up an arrangement for your pets outside of the courtroom. Ask yourselves if you want to have your pets go from one home to the other with your children (particularly if your pets are well-bonded with the kids) or if you want to have one of you keep them in your home specifically.

Help children of divorce adjust with more control

As an adult, you think that a divorce is hard. It's emotional and frustrating. Imagine how your children must feel, if you're having difficulty coping as an adult. Children who are going through the divorce of their parents sometimes have a difficult time adjusting. It can be hard to cope with living in a new home and getting used to a new schedule.

That's why parents play an important role in helping their children adjust to a divorce and the changes that come with it. From discussing the divorce in an age-appropriate manner to helping their children feel they're retaining some control, it's possible for parents to step in and make the children feel more comfortable.

Post-decree modifications can be a response to hidden assets

After you go through a divorce, you may think that the worst is over. You don't believe that there is anything else that you'd change, and you feel confident that everything was done by the book.

Later, you find out that your ex-spouse hid assets during the divorce. As a result, you believe that you should be entitled to some of them. What should you do?

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