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Should you buy duplicate items for your children after divorce?

You and your spouse are getting a divorce, and you know that it could be hard on your kids. They'll be traveling back and forth between houses, and you want to make it easier on them. The only trouble is that you don't trust your spouse with your children's things. They'll get lost, broken or disappear completely. It happens now in your marriage, and you're worried that it could in the future, too.

One thing you may be thinking about doing is buying duplicates of items. Why? If there are two of each item, then your child can have one at each home. This means that their toys, medications or other goods are less likely to get lost when traveling between homes, and your child will always have what they need in both locations.

Seeking an annulment? Make sure you have good support

You and your spouse haven't been married long. It's only been a few weeks. You were shocked that in that short period of time, you discovered that they were already cheating and may actually be married to another person.

You would prefer not to go through a divorce, but you're not sure if there are other alternatives. Would something like an annulment work for you?

How can I defend against embezzlement charges?

Traditionally, theft laws required that trespassing must have taken place for a defendant to be charged with a crime. This created a loophole in the law, meaning that those who take possession of funds legitimately but refused to return them were not technically guilty of theft since they had not trespassed on the property.

This is why the crime of embezzlement was put into law. The crime of embezzlement occurs when a person has the lawful possession of another person's property and takes that property for their own use without having any intention of returning it. If you have been accused of embezzlement in Colorado, make sure that you are adequately equipped to defend yourself.

Take a DNA test if you're told you're the father of a child

Your family is important to you, and you want to make sure that you do all you can to protect it. Unfortunately, you have been approached by someone who claims that a young child is yours, and it has caused your spouse a great deal of stress. As a man and father, you're surprised to hear about this surprise child, especially since you haven't seen the mother in years. Now, she's seeking support and wants you to be involved in the child's life, even though you've never met them.

In this case, it's a smart move to turn directly to DNA paternity testing. Anyone can allege that you are the father of a child, but only DNA can give you the certainty that you need to know if it's the truth or not. You might have dated someone or been sexually involved with an individual during the time when a baby was conceived, but there's no guarantee that the child is yours if the mother was not monogamous.

How can you help your child after divorce?

There are many beneficial things you can do for your children after you divorce. The things you do in the year or two, or even longer, after a divorce can have a profound impact on how your child grows and changes, adapts and copes with divorce.

As a parent, you likely strive to put your child first, and that's great. This sets you up to be in a good position to provide what your child needs during such a tumultuous time.

Get to know Colorado's DUI laws

Colorado is a state that is often at the forefront of change, but that doesn't mean that it lets anything happen within its borders. Colorado actually has fairly strict DUI laws that could result in harsh penalties for you or those you love if you drink and drive.

Colorado, like most of the rest of the United States, has a per se limit of .08% blood alcohol content. If you have a BAC of .08% or greater, then you can be convicted of a DUI without any further evidence. If your BAC is .17% or higher, then you may face aggravated DUI penalties, which are even more serious.

Good parenting after divorce: When kids have other plans

After your divorce, you have a set custody schedule that you and your ex-spouse are supposed to adhere to. There is one thing that can throw a kink in that agreement, and that is your child. If your child is sick, makes plans with friends or has school activities, they may affect the custody schedule.

Parents who are firm on their schedule may be unhappy if they have to give up a day or two of their time because their child has other plans, and parents who aren't firm enough may find that they're seeing their child less and less because of their activities, illnesses or plans.

Postnuptial agreement facts: Why you may want one

Postnuptual agreements are legal arrangements designed to protect your assets following marriage. Like a prenuptial agreement, the arrangement dictates how your assets will be divided upon divorce.

While prenuptial agreements are entered into before you get married, postnuptial agreements are made after you've married. At that time, you may want to sit down with your spouse to talk about the possibility of a divorce in the future and how you'd like to divide your assets if that time comes.

Holiday blues: When your child doesn't come home

The reality for many people after a divorce is that they struggle. They may be depressed or anxious. They may be focused on getting back on their feet and trying to do their best.

Not having their children with them is hard enough, but when the holidays come around, that depression can deepen. The holiday blues are real, and they can impact your life significantly when you least expect it.

Holiday scheduling: Get your custody schedule right

The holidays are here, and it can be a difficult time of year for divorced parents. Custody arrangements may not always go as planned, which makes it harder to spend time with your children and to enjoy yourself.

When you make a custody schedule, it's important that you have every holiday, and how you want to handle it, marked down. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, add those to the list and discuss how you'll share time with your children on those days.

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