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Lakewood Child Support Modification Lawyers

Helping You Achieve Your Child Support Goal

When a significant change in circumstances occurs, a parent can go to court to obtain a modification in the level of child support paid or received. An increase in salary of more than 10 percent is sufficient for a modification. A change in the child’s educational or health care needs can also justify a change in the support level.

The attorneys at Pearson & Paris, P.C., represent mothers and fathers in child support modification matters. In straightforward cases, our firm can generally obtain a modification in a routine manner for a reasonable fee. More complex cases may require significant efforts. An attorney can review your situation and explain how we can help you.

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Arvada Child Support Payment Attorneys

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., we believe that a parent receiving child support should receive all that the law allows. We also believe that a payer of child support should not have to pay more than what the law requires.

In this as in other areas of our practice, we work to achieve results for clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are detail-oriented, and we account for all allowable expenses and deductions in the calculation of the support level.

Complex Child Support Modification Cases

Child support in Colorado is determined based on a statutory formula that considers the parties’ combined income, overnights with the children and payment of certain expenses. The process sometimes involves more than just a simple application of a formula.

When a parent is hiding income to avoid paying child support or there are unique circumstances, our firm can provide proactive, assertive representation to get the support changed to fit your children’s needs. After all, child support is for the benefit of children. They deserve a childhood free from financial cares and hardship.

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