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Contempt And Enforcement


Contempt of court can refer to a person disregarding a court order or judgment. When it comes to family law, the most common examples of contempt can include a parent not paying child support or not following a visitation (parenting time plan), a former spouse not paying alimony or a party in a divorce not following a judge’s instructions regarding the division of marital assets. In Colorado, contempt is considered a quasi-criminal matter that can have significant consequences.


In the context of family law, enforcement refers to actions that can be taken to remedy contempt:

  • To compel a parent to make child support payments
  • To order a parent to comply with a parenting time (traditionally known as “visitation”) plan
  • To obtain back spousal maintenance or alimony
  • To make sure property division occurs as directed

There are a variety of different tools available for enforcement — and for defending against enforcement. Not every tool works or offers the desired result you may want in your case.

We Can Protect Your Rights

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., our family law attorneys have extensive experience handling both sides of contempt and enforcement matters in the Denver area and elsewhere in Colorado. We can help you answer vital questions like:

  • How do I get back support if my child’s other parent hasn’t been paying?
  • What if my child’s other parent is not following the parenting plan?
  • If I violate a court order, such as an “income assignment,” what are my rights?
  • Can an attorney help me obtain makeup parenting time?
  • When can a civil fine be imposed on a person?
  • What if I need a modification of a court order?
  • How does a contempt proceeding work? What is a contempt citation?
  • Can I be sent to jail for not paying child support in Colorado?
  • Can a person be held in contempt for behavior such as drug or alcohol use?
  • When can a person lose firearm or hunting rights?

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