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Lakewood Child Neglect Defense Attorney

When social services agencies get involved with a family, the results can be mixed. While these agencies may be seeking to protect children, they are also capable of doing harm, overstepping boundaries, and infringing on the legal rights of parents and guardians. If the Department of Human Services or another agency has intervened in your family in a dependency or neglect matter, or if you are concerned that your parental rights are being threatened, seek legal guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

The law firm of Pearson & Paris, P.C., provides knowledgeable advice and family law representation to individuals and families in Colorado, including those who have had children removed from their home or who face the threat of having their kids taken from their custody. Contact us to learn more.

Empower Yourself With Strong Legal Representation

A social service agency may be making a presumption of guilt about you that could lead to removal of your children without petitioning a judge to prove that you are an unfit parent. In other cases, while a court may appoint a lawyer for you, that lawyer may not have the time to properly represent you.

If you are feeling threatened by social services representatives, our attorneys can empower you by helping you understand your legal rights and aggressively representing you in court. Having an experienced private attorney will ensure that your parental rights are protected and that the playing field is level.

Contact an experienced Denver dependency and neglect defense attorney at Pearson & Paris, P.C., at 303-872-4719 or toll free at 303-872-4719.