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Lakewood Stepparent Adoption Attorney

If you have been caring for your stepchild whose other parent has failed to support or parent their child, you may seek to adopt your stepchild. Stepparent adoption requires consent of your spouse and the child if the child is over 12 years of age. The other parent’s rights must be terminated to make the child available for you to adopt. The other parent may voluntarily relinquish his or her rights. If not, you must petition the court to terminate the other parent’s rights, which requires proof of failure to provide adequate financial support for at least one year prior to the adoption.

The other parent’s rights may also be terminated if they have not otherwise acted as a parent for one year prior to the adoption. If you have questions regarding stepparent adoptions in the Lakewood area, contact our law firm today.

Experienced Adoption Representation In Colorado

In addition to termination of parental rights, you must establish that you are an appropriate person to adopt the child. You must submit to FBI and Colorado Bureau of Investigation fingerprint-based background checks as well as a Department of Human Services background check. You must be willing and able to provide for the child’s needs in terms of their immediate needs and future needs, such as higher education. Stepparent adoption is a complicated process. Our attorneys at Pearson & Paris, P.C., will draw upon over 50 years combined experience to assist you through the adoption process.

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