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Family Decision-Making Issues

Our Lakewood Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Parenting time and decision-making was once lumped together in the term, custody. In Colorado, the two are separated. Decision-making pertains to major life decisions such as health care, education and religious instruction. Day-to-day decision-making is typically made by the parent exercising parenting time when the issue arises.

If you have questions regarding your parenting time and decision-making issues, contact our Lakewood law firm for guidance.

Joint Decision-Making In Colorado

Decision-making can be joint, where both parties make decisions together for their children. This requires the ability to communicate effectively, weigh the facts and make a decision. Often, in a divorce proceeding, it is nearly impossible for the parties to agree on anything. Our experienced attorneys can help you set forth the facts and make an argument for the court explaining why you are best situated to have sole decision-making responsibilities.

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Major life decisions for your children are just too important to leave to chance. We will guide you through the process, determining what facts are important to establish to allow the court to make a determination. Contact our law firm online to schedule your initial consultation for answers to your questions.