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Ultimately, it’s very simple: resolving your legal issues effectively requires trusted counsel with the skill and determination to help you reach your goals.

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., our attorneys have a proven record of delivering this level of representation to clients in several key areas of the law. Our practice includes divorce, child custody and other family law issues; business law; insurance defense and the defense of criminal charges.

Call 303-872-4719 to arrange an initial consultation. From our office in Lakewood, we serve clients throughout Colorado.

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Crafting Customized Solutions For Your Unique Situation

We offer comprehensive coverage in areas that include divorce, child custody, business law, insurance defense, criminal defense and a full range of civil litigation.

Our ability to craft customized solutions is reflected in the many positive testimonials satisfied clients have given us.

Do You Need To Resolve A Divorce Or Family Law Issue?

Divorce and family law issues can be especially sensitive. We are passionate about this work and committed to using our experience to help you find a resolution that meets your goals.

This commitment extends to issues that may include:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • Child custody and support
  • Post-divorce decree modification
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • Child custody and support
  • Post-divorce decree modification

What Our Clients Say

” Jim is an active participant on Outward Bound USA’s Risk Management Committee. Jim and his firm have been instrumental in guiding us through the maze of legal, structural, and risk management challenges related to establishing and managing our self-insured national insurance program. We frequently reach out to Jim and his firm for guidance and counsel on everything from potential civil claims to complex employment practices situations. We are fortunate to have Jim on our risk management team.”

– Steve Neal
Risk Management Officer Outward Bound USA

“After being put in the position of having to hire a criminal defense attorney, luckily I hired Sean. I found that he believed in my innocence and went above and beyond to prove it, and my case was ultimately dismissed. His legal knowledge, courtroom presence and client support proved invaluable. If you need an attorney to be on your side, he’s the one. Just be prepared for blatantly honest answers and opinions from him. It’s hard to wrap up a year and a half of your life into one summary. Words cannot express how highly I would recommend this man.”

– Jay

“I hired Sean at a time in my life when I needed not only an attorney, but someone I could trust. Sean always kept me informed and ensured that I understood. I was never left guessing. I would certainly recommend Mr. Paris for any civil case. With Sean, you know you will get the best representation. He has a profound knowledge of the law.”

– Becky

“James Pearson and his law firm have represented United Shipping for over 20 years. Their advice and counsel to both the board of directors and officers have proven to be invaluable and are part of the reason for our continued success in the world of international logistics. We highly recommend Mr. Pearson and his firm.”

– Fred Hall, president
United Shipping Inc.

“I am the founder of a nonprofit institute doing national and international work, and Jim Pearson has been a legal source of competence and ethical standards in serving me and the institute in fulfilling its mission. He has made himself available to me personally and professionally in dealing with a variety of legal matters over the past seven years. He has addressed our needs promptly and with utmost integrity. I highly recommend him and his law firm.”

– Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN

“Sean handled a very complex and seemingly hopeless improper division of land case and was able to work with Planning and Zoning to legalize my parcel. I was able to obtain a building permit and build my dream home.”

– Dan

“Over the past 18 years, I have relied on Jim Pearson for corporate legal counsel over a wide range of needs, including corporate structure, legal defense, contracts, agreements and just good sound general advice. The work we get is always on time, correct and complete. Jim has been a pleasure to work with.”

– Gary Falkenstein, president

“When I started my own business, I was looking for an attorney who understood and accepted my “small” business stature. I was never going to be that huge billable hour client, but rather a single-person office that will require the help of a business attorney from time to time. After meeting with Jim, I was very comfortable, not only with the firm and its credibility, but more importantly with Jim”

– Daniel V. Rasmussen, president
Eagle Creek Modular Solutions Inc.

“Jim Pearson has been our lawyer since we started in business in 1984. He set up our articles of incorporation, keeps us up to date on the procedures we need to follow and has worked with us on several complex business dealings. I recommend his professionalism and personal attention to detail to anyone who would be in need of his services. I am also happy to chat with anyone who has more questions they might like answered.”

– Bill Dvorak, president
Dvorak Raft, Kayak & Fishing Expeditions Inc.

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