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Lakewood Post-Decree Modifications Attorney

Legal Help When New Arrangements Are Needed

When life circumstances change, certain elements of a divorce decree may no longer be realistic or appropriate. In many cases, child custody, child support and alimony arrangements can be adjusted through modification of a court order. These modifications can be facilitated by an experienced divorce and family law attorney.

The attorneys of Pearson & Paris, P.C., have secured post-decree modifications for many clients in need of a change. Contact us for help with your situation.

Modification Of Child Custody Orders In Colorado

Numerous issues can prompt the need for different custody arrangements that meet the needs of children and parents. We can assist you in filing for modification of a child custody order due to:

  • Changing needs of children
  • Remarriage or other relationship changes
  • Geographic moves by a custodial or noncustodial parent, either in state, out of state or international
  • Job or schedule changes, or military enlistment or deployment
  • Involvement of grandparents or others

Child Support Modification And Spousal Support Modification

Life changes can also impact the financial support awarded to children and ex-spouses. Our lawyers can do the work needed to modify child support and alimony orders when:

  • A parent paying child support or a former spouse paying alimony loses a job or experiences a significant reduction or increase in income
  • Expenses for a child change significantly such as with educational, day care or health care costs
  • A supported child becomes emancipated or turns 18

Post-Decree Modifications Lawyers Serving Arvada And Golden

Our firm’s child custody modification attorneys serve Lakewood and the Denver area. Our experience with Colorado family law matters is extensive. Contact us to learn more.