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Guidance For Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations enjoy significant benefits, which can include eligibility for public and private donations and exemption from payment of certain taxes. Charities, service agencies, trusts, foundations, professional associations, trade unions, artistic entities and other mission-driven organizations can take advantage of these benefits.

The attorneys of Pearson & Paris, P.C., represent and advise nonprofit organizations in numerous matters, offering a combination of excellent nonprofit experience and deep knowledge of applicable for-profit best practices. We have worked with many Colorado nonprofits that include major recreation and travel providers and educational and trade groups. Whether you are starting a nonprofit or seeking to expand or improve an existing organization, we can help. Our competencies include:

  • Nonprofit structuring and entity formation, including 501(c)(3) organizations. We can guide new nonprofit organizations through the process of obtaining IRS-approved status, which can be difficult to obtain. Since some organizations choose other routes, our knowledgeable attorneys can help you understand your options and pursue a course of action that honors your mission and supports your business model.
  • Risk management planning, including development of policies and procedures that provide maximum protection
  • Drafting of and review of contracts that will ensure protection of your interests and utilization of opportunities
  • Litigation matters involving nonprofits: As seasoned commercial and business litigators, we can assist you in resolving important matters.

Lakewood Attorneys For Nonprofit Organizations

Our Englewood, Colorado, attorneys help 501(c) organizations reach their goals. Contact us to speak to an experienced lawyer about nonprofit formation, risk management planning and other nonprofit issues requiring legal counsel. Call 303-872-4719. We serve clients in the Denver area and beyond.