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Intellectual Property Litigation: Protecting The Rights And Interests Of Our Clients

Intellectual property can take the form of ideas, inventions, information, designs or creations that may manifest themselves in products, services, brands or other commercial contexts. As with a piece of physical property, an intellectual property has value to its owner, whose legal rights can include the right to protect his or her interests through litigation. In some cases, intellectual property can be relatively easy to define and thus protect, while other situations present complexity or ambiguity that can fuel legal conflicts. In any significant intellectual property dispute, securing the assistance of a knowledgeable IP lawyer is essential to a successful outcome.

Strategic Representation In A Wide Variety Of Intellectual Property Matters

As part of our civil litigation practice, Pearson & Paris, P.C., provides strategic representation to businesses and individuals on a variety of intellectual property matters, offering sophisticated counsel to both defendants and plaintiffs. Our attorneys are highly experienced at protecting the rights and interests of our clients, armed with a deep understanding of salient laws, technical issues and business principles that impact IP cases.

In intellectual property matters involving litigation, our competencies extend to:

  • Copyright infringement, including cases involving copyrighted media or entertainment products
  • Trademark infringement, including the initiation of trademark lawsuits
  • Alleged unfair trade practices
  • Alleged theft of intellectual property
  • Trade secrets and trade dress
  • Proprietary information
  • Confidential information or lists

Colorado Trademark Violation Attorneys

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