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Handling Your Business Needs Related To The UCC

Every day, businesses across the country buy and sell goods, enter into lease agreements and engage in millions of other transactions. Many of these transactions are governed by a complex set of rules called the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). If your business is involved in any type of dispute under the UCC, it is essential to work with attorneys who are familiar with and know how to interpret the code. Without proper legal assistance, your business interests are in jeopardy.

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., our Denver UCC attorneys have more than 50 years’ combined experience dealing with commercial transactions. We know how to put together transactions that benefit your business, and if you are involved in a dispute, we are highly experienced in business and commercial litigation. You can trust us to shoulder the legal burden so you can focus on running your business.

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Understanding The UCC

The UCC is an expansive body of law covering everything from contract formation to breach of contract to fraud. It was designed to standardize commercial transactions in the U.S. We are equipped to handle transactions and litigation that fall under any portion of the UCC, such as:

  • Sales of goods under Article 2
  • Leases
  • Negotiable instruments, like checks, promissory notes and other commercial paper
  • Bank deposits
  • Transfer of money between banks (funds transfers)
  • Letters of credit
  • Bulk transfers and bulk sales, including at auctions and in liquidations
  • Bills of lading and other title documents

Secured Transactions Attorneys

The UCC also governs secured transactions. In these deals, a borrower agrees to give a lender collateral to secure a loan. If the borrower defaults, the lender can take possession of the collateral. We are well-versed in handling secured transactions, and we can help you work through issues of:

  • Perfection
  • Priority
  • Title searches and clouded titles

Whether you are entering a transaction or are involved in litigation regarding one, we can formulate a strategy that benefits your business.

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