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How Colorado judges can help to enforce a contract

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Business Law |

A breach of contract can lead to operational challenges for businesses, such as production interruptions or delays in fulfilling contractual obligations to clients or customers. A breach by a vendor or service provider can sometimes cause financial losses.

If one party to a contract commits a material breach and fails to uphold their obligations to the other party, a lawsuit might result. During a breach of contract lawsuit, a judge can offer numerous solutions, including terminating the contract or awarding one party damages based on the provable losses stemming from the breach of the contract.

Other times, Colorado judges can actually help enforce an existing contract. How can Colorado judges enforce contracts in civil court?

By ordering specific performance

A judge hearing a contract dispute has to evaluate whether the original contract is valid and determine how much impact the breach may have had on the other party. They can then rule on the case based on their interpretation of the circumstances.

One of the options available in a breach of contract lawsuit is an order of specific performance. If the judge orders specific performance, they can require that one party fulfill contractual obligations. They can even impose other requirements, such as demanding that one party perform work a second time if prior efforts did not conform to the standards established in the contract.

An order of specific performance carries the full weight of the courts and could lead to allegations of contempt if someone does not perform as ordered by a judge. Learning more about different solutions for contract breaches may benefit those operating businesses affected by contract disputes.

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