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4 (useless) tactics to avoid a DUI charge 

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A driver might face criminal charges if they are caught driving while drunk. Drivers charged with a DUI can face incarceration, fines and license suspension. 

Some drivers may attempt to avoid drunk driving charges. However, most tactics don’t work. Here’s what you should know:

1. Expecting honesty will let you off easy

Drivers should understand that they have certain constitutional rights they can enforce during traffic stops. The Fifth Amendment protects people from making self-incriminating comments. For example, when the police ask questions as they gather evidence, drivers can plead the Fifth. Drivers may want to consider pleading the Fifth even if they believe they did not commit crimes because an indirect comment can lead to criminal charges. 

2. Drinking coffee before you drive

It’s commonly believed that people who drink coffee after alcohol are better drivers. In theory, people are flushing the alcohol out of their bodies. While coffee can make people feel temporarily alert, it doesn’t make them safer drivers. 

3. Switching seats with the passenger

Drivers who are pulled over by the police may try to switch seats with their passengers to avoid drunk driving charges. Many police officers watch vehicles closely. If they notice a driver and passenger switched places then they could both face serious penalties.

4. Sucking on a penny while taking a breath test

The police may ask drivers to take a breath test. Breath tests evaluate a driver’s blood alcohol content found in the body. It’s often believed that people can suck on pennies while they take a breath test to pass the test. However, there is no evidence behind this belief.

A DUI can affect someone for a long time. People facing drunk driving charges may need to learn about their legal defense options. 

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