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Law enforcement will be out on July 4

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Drunk Driving Charges |

The Colorado Highway Patrol and the Colorado Department of Transportation team up during the holidays for increased enforcement periods. This means that state and local law enforcement will be on the roads for one of the biggest annual pushes for catching impaired drivers.

Not only will law enforcement increase its presence on the roads, but it will also set up checkpoints to catch drivers over the legal limit. Last year, officers made more than 300 arrests during the July 4 enforcement period, which included July 2-6 in 2020.

Try to avoid these mistakes

Regardless of how a driver had to drink, it is best to be careful what they say and do during a stop. Drivers should exercise common sense and generally avoid these mistakes:

  • Digging for information: Have license and registration ready when the officer asks for them.
  • Saying too much: It is always helpful to answer questions, but avoid volunteering anything that is considered incriminating, suspicious or disrespectful. This also goes for passengers in the car.
  • Complaining about rights: Drivers can best serve their interests by speaking with a lawyer about any perceived rights violations by an officer. The officer’s mistakes can even undermine the validity of the stop or charges.
  • Not following all traffic laws: The fastest way to get law enforcement’s attention is to break traffic laws or drive erratically.

Charges may not stick

Drivers can face charges of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but attorneys may still mount defenses. Officers are human and may make mistakes regarding various procedures, gathering evidence, or use an improperly maintained breathalyzer. Regardless of the charges, drivers still have rights, including being innocent until proven guilty. Drivers can help themselves by avoiding the above mistakes, and it also may make sense to consult an attorney who handles DUI or impaired driving charges.

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