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Man sentenced to 40 years in prison for Colorado DUI accident

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Felony DUI |

In March 2014, a tragedy occurred on a road in Colorado. The DUI accident was captured on surveillance video from a camera installed in the area. The video was recently published in the hope that it might raise public awareness and help to prevent more accidents of this nature from occurring.

The 2014 crash involved two vehicles, one of which was driven by a 41-year-old male who is reported to have been residing in the United States after his immigrant visa expired. The driver behind the wheel of the other car was a 17-year-old boy. Sadly, the young man did not survive the impact of the collision.

The man had reportedly gone through several red traffic lights without stopping. Information provided also suggests that his vehicle was traveling at an excessively high rate of speed. Upon failing to stop at the fourth traffic light, the man’s vehicle T-boned the vehicle driven by the teenager. Because the man was found to have other convictions in his past related to drinking and driving, a judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison in this case.

As of Aug. 5, 2015, a third DUI conviction becomes a felony in Colorado. A motor vehicle operator who is arrested and charged with similar offenses might incur very severe penalties should a conviction be secured. Therefore, it would most likely be prudent to consult with a criminal lawyer before proceeding to court. No matter how serious the charges issued in a case might be, any individual has the right to retain legal representation when preparing to defend against criminal charges.

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