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Real life survivor hero and girlfriend accused of domestic violence

Accusations of domestic violence can be serious and may have a permanent effect on the reputation of the accused, even when the accusations are considered unfounded. For people who are already in the spotlight, due to fame or even minor stardom, a domestic violence arrest can follow them forever, tainting their public image.

A Denver, Colorado, man has learned this lesson firsthand. According to the New York Daily News, Aron Ralston, age 38, has been charged with assault and “wrongs to minors” with suspicions of domestic violence. Ralston is considered somewhat of a local star in the Denver, Colorado, area, and across the nation for a personal act of heroism which was subsequently made into a movie. In 2003, he found himself trapped beneath a boulder while climbing, and had to cut off his own forearm to release himself and save his own life. James Franco portrayed him in the 2010 movie about the incident, called “127 Hours.” The movie was so compelling that it drew in six Academy Award nominations.

The incident took place in the home of a woman, believed to have been romantically involved with Ralston, although their relationship is not confirmed by news sources. Official sources indicate that he is married, and is the father of two children. The previous owner of the home where the arrest occurred spoke with the New York Daily News, explaining that at one point in time, Ralston and the woman, who was pregnant at the time, were in the process of purchasing the house together, but he later backed out of the deal.

The woman involved in the incident was arrested on identical charges, according to the Denver Post. The New York Daily News article explains that Ralston remained in custody following his arrest. Someone arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in Colorado often remains in custody without the ability to be bailed out of jail, pending their initial appearance in court.

Colorado law is broad in its definition of domestic violence, and provides for protective orders where violence is threatened or acted upon between people in various types of relationships. Once limited to married couples, Colorado law has expanded its definition of domestic abuse to encompass those who formerly had a relationship, people who are currently living together, or formerly lived together, and people who are currently or have formerly been in an intimate relationship, which is not limited to sexual relationships.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, or have been involved in an altercation with someone who you believe may seek to have you arrested, preserving your rights is of utmost importance. Seeking the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights and your reputation during this critical time.