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Strong Defense Against Recreational Injury Claims

As a litigation manager for an insurance company, the decisions you make about recreational injury claims must inevitably take account of multiple factors. Handling each case properly, with due awareness of budget constraints, is critical.

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., we focus much of our multifaceted law practice on helping insurers resolve recreational injury claims efficiently. Because of our litigation experience, we know how to do this in ways that are at once ethical and aggressive in avoiding or minimizing claim liability.

Call 303-872-4719 or 888-725-2609 for a confidential consultation. Based in the Denver area, we serve clients both nationally and internationally.

What Type Of Claim Are You Faced With?

Led by attorney Sean Paris, our legal team is diligent, zealous and skillful in moving aggressively to seek dismissals of cases against our clients. We have a proven record of positive results in outdoor and recreational liability cases.

We handle a full range of cases, including:

  • Mountain biking — The growing popularity of mountain biking naturally has led to an uptick in claims. Our lawyers will help you protect your interests.
  • Whitewater rafting — People who choose to run the rapids assume certain risks. Our law firm stands ready to defend you aggressively against claims that get made anyway.
  • Ski injuries — Injured skiers sometimes contend that slope managers didn’t mark trails properly or do enough to police people’s recklessness. We know how to push back effectively against such contentions.
  • Other recreational activities — Our assistance for insurers is comprehensive, encompassing the full gamut of outdoor injuries that can occur.
  • Out-of-country claims — Colorado-based travel agencies often put together packages that take clients on adventure trips in other countries. We have the experience in international law and litigation skill needed to resolve out-of-country claims.

Recognizing And Resolving Conflicts

In some cases, a natural tension may arise between your interests and those of your insured. You may see the need to settle a case, whereas your insured may want to fight for a formal legal vindication.

Acting in good faith, we will try hard to reconcile these tensions. If necessary and under appropriate circumstances, however, we will inform the insured of the need to obtain their own “coverage” counsel to resolve those issues.

Our role, after all, is ultimately to protect your interests as an insurer. And we do this well, in all types of recreational and outdoor claims and other forms of insurance defense.

Get The Help You Need

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