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Residential Evictions: Legal Guidance For Homeowners

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., in Lakewood, Colorado, we understand the law regarding residential evictions. Our real estate attorneys represent homeowners and landlords in the Denver area, protecting their interests and resolving serious problems. We welcome the opportunity to provide the legal guidance you need regarding the problem you are experiencing. We can answer questions such as:

  • How much notice do I have to give a tenant before I can evict him or her?
  • Does the landlord need to serve Notice to Quit prior to filing an eviction action with the court?
  • What if my tenant leaves property behind? Do I have the right to sell a tenant’s property?
  • How do I seek a judgment against a tenant for damages?
  • Under what circumstances do I have the right to retain a tenant’s security deposit and the last month’s rent?
  • If my tenant is considered “judgment proof,” how can I collect what I am owed?
  • What liability do I have if one of my workers damages a tenant’s property during an eviction?
  • What does it mean if I have a landlord’s lien?
  • How quickly are forcible entry and detainer (FED) actions heard in court? What is an expedited proceeding?
  • Who is responsible for my legal fees if I bring a civil lawsuit against a tenant?

Eviction is not just frustrating; it can be expensive. You may have to hire a work crew to remove your tenant’s belongings from your property. In a Colorado eviction action, a landlord can obtain a writ of restitution, which gets the sheriff involved to implement the eviction. This can cost you additional money, since sheriff’s deputies are paid on an additional hourly rate.

Do You Need To Evict A Tenant? Talk To Us.

Discuss your eviction matter with a lawyer at Pearson & Paris, P.C. We can explain your rights and responsibilities in clear terms.