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Construction Litigation

Construction litigation can begin in a variety of ways — when a building is not constructed properly, when work does not meet industry standards or when there is a breach of warranties set out in a construction contract.

Advising And Representing Homeowners | Protecting Your Rights

At Pearson & Paris, P.C., based in Lakewood, we protect the rights of homeowners in the Denver area and throughout Colorado. Our lawyers have many years of experience handling problematic transactions and other contested real estate matters. We are skilled negotiators and litigators who can deal with tough issues:

  • Guiding you through a statutory claim process against a builder
  • Appropriately handling a mechanic’s lien on the property (typically when subcontractors haven’t been paid)
  • Dealing with construction defects
  • Addressing matters related to commingling or misallocation of funds, which can give rise to charges of criminal theft when it impinges on Colorado’s construction trust fund statute

As your attorneys, we will explain your rights, develop a strategy for resolving the problem and make sure your rights are protected.

Contact Us For A Case Evaluation

Contact Pearson & Paris, P.C., to discuss your concerns with an experienced construction litigation attorney in Lakewood. We are here to answer your questions.