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Advice About Foreclosure

By law, lenders have the right to be made whole if a borrower defaults on a note. As a secured creditor, you can use foreclosure proceedings — or other methods — to recover your investment.

Representing Private Lenders And Other Parties In Foreclosure Actions

At the Lakewood law firm of Pearson & Paris, P.C., we advise and represent private lenders who have not received payments on a promissory note secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. As your attorneys, we can help you address difficult problems with:

  • Parties that bought a business and are now struggling to pay their notes
  • Borrowers with residential or agricultural property
  • The foreclosure process involving a county trustee if there is a deed of trust
  • A judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure

Every case is different. Our firm can advise you about your case and help you recover what you are owed. We handle real estate matters in the Denver area and throughout Colorado.

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Talk to a Lakewood lawyer for foreclosure actions and other steps that can be taken by home loan lenders. Contact Pearson & Paris, P.C., for advice about your situation.