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Commercial Leases: Solving And Preventing Problems

In the world of commercial real estate, a good lease is an essential document. It can help frame a deal, keep a business successful and protect a property. A lease problem can cause stress and lead to tremendous loss.

Attorneys at Pearson & Paris, P.C., in Lakewood, Colorado, serve parties involved in commercial real estate matters, including landlords and tenants. We help our clients avoid difficulties and solve problems when they arise.

Legal Counsel For Landlords

We can address many of the issues commercial landlords face, including:

  • Getting leases prepared
  • Collecting rent in a timely manner
  • Making sure premises are cared for
  • Preventing illegal or dangerous activity on the premises
  • Keeping hazardous materials off the property
  • Making sure sufficient insurance is in place to protect you
  • Describing what constitutes default

Providing Guidance To Commercial Tenants

Our firm can assist you in protecting your rights as a tenant with regard to:

  • Reviewing leases
  • Negotiating lease terms
  • Payment of rent
  • Repairs and maintenance that your landlord is required to provide
  • Insurance and losses
  • A landlord who is trying to evict you
  • Commercial litigation against a landlord

Contact Us

Contact Pearson & Paris, P.C., for advice about your commercial lease matter in the Denver area. One of our experienced lawyers can answer your questions.