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Commercial Evictions: Knowledgeable Legal Representation

Pearson & Paris, P.C., provides knowledgeable representation regarding commercial evictions and other problematic commercial real estate matters in the Denver area. Our attorneys represent landowners, landlords, business owners and tenants who are affected by evictions.

Eviction is a challenging issue in retail, restaurant and hospitality, manufacturing and other industries. Our firm represents clients in difficult Colorado real estate matters. We can answer your questions.

Questions Landlords Ask

  • I am having problems with a tenant not paying. How can I evict the tenant?
  • How do I file a FED (forcible entry and detainer) action?
  • If I evict a tenant, can I still collect rent from the tenant? Do I need to go to court to obtain a separate judgment?
  • What is the tenant’s obligation to pay rent upon eviction?
  • If I evict the tenant, what obligations do I have as a landlord?
  • How can I recover losses related to damage to my property?
  • Am I entitled to improvements my tenant made to the property?

Questions Tenants Ask

  • What can I do if I am being wrongfully evicted?
  • How can I prevent the loss of improvements I made to the property?
  • If I get evicted, can the landlord still collect rent for the rest of the lease term? What if the landlord rents the property to another tenant?
  • What if the landlord rents the property for less than what I was paying — will I be responsible for the difference in rent?
  • Can you help me get out of a lease?
  • Is it illegal to get out of sublet if I become unable to pay rent?
  • If the landlord is asking me to personally guarantee the lease, do I have to do that?

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Whether you need to evict a business tenant or you are facing eviction by a landlord, our lawyers can give you the advice you need. Contact Pearson & Paris, P.C., in Lakewood to learn more about your rights.