Essential Estate Planning Tools

Many people are hesitant to plan for death and to decide what will become of their assets after they pass away. Many others know they need a will — perhaps they have been putting it off for years — but they are unsure about who they can trust to help them develop this important document.

Pearson & Paris, P.C., helps clients navigate the challenges of estate planning and estate administration. If you need an attorney to help you protect yourself and your family with a thorough estate plan, talk to us.

Save Your Family Time And Money | Make Sure Your Wishes Are Honored

Everyone needs a well-drafted will as part of his or her estate plan. When accompanied by strategically prepared powers of attorney or trusts, when appropriate, it will save your family time, money and aggravation after you pass away.

Pearson & Paris, P.C., based in Lakewood, Colorado, works with families in the Denver area to prepare and revise wills that will meet their needs and ensure that their wishes are honored. We can answer questions like:

  • Will a properly drafted will protect my family from having to go through the probate process? Are there exceptions?
  • Is drafting a will something I can do on my own using online tools?
  • Do I need a lawyer to make changes to a will?
  • My will is 15 years old. Do I need to review it to make sure it is current?
  • How do I avoid estate taxes?
  • How can a will create a trust for my family after I pass away?
  • What is a living will, and do I need one?

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Nobody wants their property to be fought over, and nobody wants their family members to fight about what will happen to their estate. But these are some of the unwanted consequences of dying without a proper will in place. Talk to us about your estate planning needs.