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Defending Against Sex Offense Charges

Have you been accused of a sex crime? If so, you understand that this is one of the most serious charges a person can face. You understand that you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to fight these charges. At Pearson & Paris, P.C., we have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. In addition, the top criminal defense lawyer on our team is a former senior prosecutor. This means we have insight on how district attorneys approach these cases. We use that insight to benefit you.

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An Aggressive Defense Against Extremely Serious Allegations

Sex offenses require an aggressive defense. We do everything we can to make certain that you do not have to face the lifelong consequences that would come with a conviction for any sex crime, including:

In some cases, we may work with the police early on, using the results of polygraph testing to dissuade them from even filing charges. We may have to bring in investigators to scrutinize the story of the alleged victim. Beyond that, there may be need for forensic investigation, DNA testing and more. Our attorneys will not overlook any opportunity as we fight to get you through this without a sex offense on your record.

Criminal Convictions With A Lifelong Impact

A misdemeanor sex offense conviction comes with serious consequences, including a mark on your record that will seriously impact your future and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Most felony sex offenses come with the possibility of a life sentence in prison. For a nonsex class 4 felony, a sentence may be two to six years. For a sex offense, class 4 felony, however, the sentence may be two years up to life in prison. For this reason, sex offenses can be just as serious as murder charges in Colorado. Your choice of attorney is critically important. We know how to fight these charges.

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