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FAQS On Complying With Colorado’s Home Grow Laws

The law allows Coloradans to grow marijuana at home for personal use. But there are strict regulations on how many plants are allowed, as well as other restrictions.

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What is allowed under Colorado’s home grow laws?

The law allows up to six plants per resident of a household who are over the age of 21. As many as three plants can be flowering at the same time.

There is generally a limit of 12 plants per residence, although certain local laws can come into play. Counties and municipalities may have stricter requirements for home grow.

Can homegrown marijuana or marijuana products be sold?

No. Homegrown is allowed only for personal use. It cannot be sold. There is a complicated licensing procedure involved for commercial cannabis.

Where do homegrown marijuana plants have to be kept?

If a home has residents under age 21, the pot plants must be kept in an area that can’t be viewed openly and therefore can’t be outside. This area has be enclosed and locked.

Even if a home doesn’t have residents under 21, it is necessary to take precautions so that any person under that age who visits doesn’t have access to cannabis plants.