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Prepare now for dangerous Colorado winter road conditions

Driving in the winter can be dangerous, even in the warmer states. For those living around Lakewood, Colorado, however, the chance for serious winter road conditions is a very real threat. While the average city in the Unites States sees a little over 25 inches of snow every winter, the Lakewood area averages nearly three times more, with almost 77 inches of snow each winter.

Getting into a car crash can totally change your life

Even the best drivers on the road incur some risk when getting behind the wheel. Although you may be able to drive very well and avoid most dangerous situations, you can't control how other people drive. Sadly, distracted driving and exhausted driving are both very common. People can easily lose focus while driving, choosing to talk on a phone, apply makeup, eat, send texts or scroll through social media instead of looking at the road. Even if this is done while stopped at an intersection, these behaviors increase the risk of a serious accident. Someone else's mistake could end up changing your life.

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