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Connectivity is a top issue for commercial real estate

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Real Estate |

The advent of computers, the internet and other forms of modern technology have changed how the world does business. So it is no surprise that smart developers, owners and managers of commercial real estate take great pains to ensure connectivity is of the highest standard. Those who don’t pay attention risk being responsible for a property that is hard to rent, difficult to update and generally undesirable. If that happens, it jeopardizes the immediate viability of the investment and whether it will retain value over time.

Giving businesses what they need

According to the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, tenants weigh connectivity as carefully as the property’s location. This fact should be no surprise for those already living in smart houses and working at home using a high-speed connection. Still, businesses must remain connected to staff and customers in far-flung locales and customers. Spotty connectivity impacts productivity among the employees and can lead to bad optics if staff regularly freezes or they get dropped from video meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams during sales or customer service sessions.

Smart buildings have more value

Forward-looking developers, owners and managers understand the renters’ concerns and can address them. Connectivity also enables them to install up-to-date or cutting-edge technologies such as automated controls for temperature, lighting, security, and property amenities that separate their properties from others, thus adding value to the building.

Planning for the future

Complacency can be the difference between full and half-full buildings. Owners and property managers must continually update their infrastructure to accommodate new businesses and technology. Anticipating a customer’s tech needs before they do gives them a leg up in the marketplace. It starts with attention to tech at the design stage and then following through with updates. This can be the difference between happy tenants and those looking to break their lease.

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