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All this time together makes it easier to spot cheating

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Divorce |

One of the benefits for many families staying at home was that it enables everyone to slow down and spend time together. This may involve playing board games with the kids, eating home-cooked meals and perhaps becoming office mates if both parents usually work outside the home. This can strengthen the familial bonds, or it can cause additional stress that is a challenge.

Some also find that they learn more than they want to about a spouse. This may be annoying behavior that is fine in smaller doses, but some now realize that their spouse is having an affair.

Clues to watch for

There are always clues that reveal infidelity, and some may suspect something was wrong, but living on top of each other reveals certain behaviors that could be red flags:

  • Overly interested in their device: It seems that everyone spends a lot of time on their device these days, but instantly responding to messages, going off to text in private, or messaging at odd hours should be a concern.
  • Guarding their device: Perhaps they used to leave their phone around, but now they guard it obsessively and perhaps have a new password.
  • New exercise regime: Exercise is a healthy outlet for reducing stress, now more than ever, but it could be cover for something else if their new routine involves much longer runs or rides.
  • Vehicle use: The car can be an excellent place to have a private conversation, even when parked in the driveway, but errands in the car may now take much longer.

Injury as well as an insult?

A spouse’s infidelity is unpleasant, and it could mean the end of a marriage. But there are also genuine health concerns that could impact anyone in the family. Those with these concerns may wish to confront a spouse if it is safe to do so.

If your spouse prioritizes their interests over the rest of the family, it may be time to file for divorce. Those with questions about this process can talk with an attorney who handles divorce and other family law issues here in Colorado.


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