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Getting back on the road after a DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Those who are convicted of DUI here in Colorado lose their license. While fines and possible jail time are concerns, the hardest part for many is waiting until they can get their driver’s license back. Not having a license can impact every part of one’s life, from picking up the kids from school to grocery shopping or holding a job.

Even first-time offenders or those with low alcohol levels have their license revoked for nine months, so many charged with DUI have the option to try to get their license back sooner, which can be as little as one month. The steps to doing this begin with applying for early reinstatement.

Using an Ignition Interlock

If approved, the driver will then receive an Ignition Interlock-restricted license that requires the installment of the device in every vehicle they own. This device basically attaches a breathalyzer to the vehicle, but it does allow drivers to get on with their lives. It also instrumental in proving that the driver can be responsible enough to follow the rules — if they go four months using the Ignition Interlock without incident (the devices are monitored), the driver can qualify for early removal. If the state denies the driver’s early removal, he or she can appeal the decision in a hearing where they are permitted to present evidence of compliance.

Getting on with one’s life

Not following the rules to get one’s license back can lead to additional severe penalties. The process can take time and patience, but attorneys who handle DUI cases can help clients with the process and appeal any decision that denies the driver access to Interlock Ignition and its subsequent removal in a fair and timely fashion.

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