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Dividing property: Here’s a method that can work

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Family Law |

Getting a divorce in Denver means that you’ll be working through an equitable-distribution case. What that means is that you’ll be dividing your assets fairly, not evenly, upon your divorce.

You and your estranged spouse may already know how you’d like to divide the assets you have. If you don’t, then you’ll need to work through a separation agreement and come up with how you’ll divide your property.

What’s a good way to start dividing property?

In most situations, the best starting point is to identify as many assets as you can. Then, you and your spouse should compare your records and see if you missed anything that the other spouse found. Once you have a solid list of assets, you can sit down and talk about which assets you know belong to the other person or that you would be willing to let them have.

Starting in this way makes it easier for you to have some common ground. At first, if you find items you’re not sure how to divide, it’s best to set those aside and to continue dividing the property that you can agree on.

Once you divide as much property as possible, you may find that you have one or two assets that you both disagree on. In that case, you can negotiate with one another, work with your attorneys, try mediation or go through arbitration to determine who should receive those assets. In worst-case scenarios, you can ask the judge to determine who the asset should belong to or how it should be divided.

Dividing property can take time, but if you approach the process as a business arrangement and take the emotion out of the equation, it can go more smoothly for you both. Our site has more on how you can focus on dividing your property fairly.

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