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Driver facing DUI charges after recent Colorado accident

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A tragedy occurred on a recent Friday night on a road in Colorado. Officers of the State Patrol have stated that they believe alcohol to be the leading factor in the case. One man’s life was lost in the tragic crash, and the person believed responsible has been charged with DUI.

A 38-year-old man was said to be traveling by bicycle on a westbound road. A vehicle, reportedly headed in an eastbound direction, passed two other vehicles then veered across the double yellow lines, striking the cyclist in the other lane. The man on the bicycle did not survive the accident.

A 20-year-old male was behind the wheel of the car that is said to have crashed into the bicyclist. He now faces a felony homicide charge as well as charges for reckless driving. Authorities also say that he was driving under the influence of alcohol and that an open container was discovered in his vehicle.

Being arrested for or charged with DUI can have negative long-lasting effects on a person’s private and professional life. It is typically beneficial for someone in such circumstances to seek the advice of a legal professional with experience in drunk driving cases. In Colorado, there are attorneys able to answer any questions and address any concerns that someone facing such charges might have before proceeding to court. A first logical step to take would be to seek consultation with one of these attorneys in order to obtain an assessment of one’s case.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “Cyclist killed after being struck by suspected drunk driver on Lookout Mountain“, Hsing Tseng, Aug. 23, 2015

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