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The importance of avoiding DUI charges and license suspension

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Late last year, NPR ran a story about the overwhelming challenges some people face when it comes to violations like drunk driving. That story, which can be read in full here, focused on how these challenges disproportionately affect poorer families and drivers, and how the penalties of a driving offense can cause extensive damage to a person’s lifestyle and career.

In this post, we want to elaborate on some of the points brought up in that article. Specifically, we want to discuss how drivers may be able to avoid the penalty of having a license suspended, which the article ties to some serious obstacles.

People who lose their driving privileges after getting a ticket may not think it’s a big deal to just wait out the suspension. In fact, some people may find it easy to just stick with public transportation options and rides from friends.

But those options may not be available for the duration of a suspension, and they can be extremely limiting. In some cases, people may decide to take their chances and just get in their car and drive. They assume that if they drive safely and observe all traffic laws, they will not get pulled over and cited for driving with a suspended license.

However, all it takes is one broken tail light, expired tabs or even an accident caused by another motorist and police can confront the unlicensed driver. The penalties of driving on a suspended license are serious in Colorado and could include huge fines and jail time.

In order to avoid the increased penalties of driving without a valid license and to ease the stress of relying on others for transportation, it can be best to try and avoid having your license suspended in the first place.

To do this, it will be necessary to defend yourself against the charges that could lead to suspension, which often include drunk driving. By defending yourself against the original charges, it is possible to avoid a conviction and the resulting penalties.

It may seem stressful and too complicated to deal with these matters alone, which is why many people ignore it or just plead guilty. However, by resolving these issues with the help of an attorney sooner, rather than later, it can be possible to clear your name, keep your license, and protect your future.

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